Maestro Fresh Wes and Skinny Puppy win 2023 Polaris Heritage Prizes

Rapper Maestro Fresh Wes’ 1989 album “Symphony in Effect” and rocker Skinny Puppy’s 1985 album “Bites” are among the winners of the 2023 Slaight Family Polaris Heritage Award.

Skinny Puppy and Maestro Fresh Wes win 2023 Polaris Heritage Prizes
Skinny Puppy and Maestro Fresh Wes win 2023 Polaris Heritage Prizes

This award was established to recognize Canadian classical music released prior to the 2006 Polaris Music Awards, regardless of sales or attendance. Each year, one album is selected by a panel of 11 Polaris Heritage Award judges, and the other is voted on by the public. According to the press release, the album ” Bites”, considered “an important work of the electronic industry”, was the winner of the public vote, while “Symphony in Effect” became the “founding father of Canadian hip-hop”. It’s up to the jury to decide.

Maestro Fresh Wes thanked his producers and colleagues in the music industry and said in his statement, “I am honored to receive this award.” Symphony In Effect is a pillar of not only Canadian hip-hop, but also Black Canadian music. This is the first album by a black Canadian artist to reach gold and platinum status in this country, so I have to thank all the fans and DJs who supported me.

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This album is a big part of our history and it is an honor for us to be remembered with this album. Thanks again. Thank you very much. ” “Thank you for your interest in Skinny Puppy and our ‘Bites with Polaris’ Heritage Awards album,” said cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy, adding in his statement that the album was created “without commercial recognition in mind.” “This is Skinny Puppy “This is in addition to the support of our loyal fans, which is not seen very often in ‘s history of becoming famous in the industry,” he said. “Thank you for supporting our fans and your North Star Legacy Award for 40 years.” Two successful albums featuring recordings by Guess Who, Robbie Robertson and kd. LONG.

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The full list of this year’s legacy awards is as follows: Beau Dommage American Woman, Guess Who Exit, K-OS Absolute Torch and Twang, KD Lang The Dome, Shanlerup Fresh Symphonic Effect”, “Fumbling to Ecstasy”, Sarah McLachlan “Consumption”, “Plastic Man” “The Best of Rap” Volume 1 Robbie Robertson, Robbie Robertson “Bite”, “Skinny Puppy” “Arias” and Sias

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