How to use your Android phone as a Bluetooth Mouse or Keyboard

You can now use your android phone as your computer Bluetooth mouse or keyboard

For more than a decade, Android users have wondered whether their connected phones can be used as a wireless mouse. As our smartphones become thinner enough to fit in our pockets, people are thinking they can replace the Bluetooth mouse and save some space and money while on the go.

How to use your Android phone as a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard

It can also fix issues like laptop trackpad suddenly turning off. With a few tweaks, you can use your Android phone as a mouse for your laptop, tablet, or desktop. It’s not a perfect mouse replacement. You need to get used to this feeling. But it works well when needed. This is how everything works.

How to use your Android phone as a mouse

While you don’t need a new Android phone to follow these steps, we recommend making sure you’re running the latest Android version your phone supports.

The main functionality of nas-ified Android, released in 2018, means there is no root or other prerequisites. Instead, that’s what you do.

Download the Mouse app. There are many options on the Google Play Store, but a few of the most popular are the simple Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and the all-in-one remote. We use the former in our examples, but both are valid. Both are easy to set up using a mouse.

Once the download is complete, launch your new application. Select Next to skip the specified steps.

To allow the app to connect to other nearby devices, select Allow, then select Set up remote device, and then select New device. Your laptop or other device must be on and connected during this process.

You have many options.

You can search for devices or explore your phone from your computer. When you are in a public place, you can easily use the MAC address to connect to the hidden device.

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This guide uses Search Devices to connect from your phone because it’s the fastest.

Allow the phone to search for nearby Bluetooth devices. When you see the option, select it and select “Pair.” If that doesn’t work, put the app in discovery mode and search your computer’s Bluetooth settings to find the app and pair it that way.

Allow the device to automatically connect to the app to display the trackpad and left and right click buttons. Place your phone next to your computer and use your fingers to use it as a trackpad.

It may take a few minutes to get used to the new controls while walking. Select the gear icon in the upper right corner to access the site. Adjust the pointer speed, mute the sound, and change the button position until the digital trackpad looks good.

You can switch to keyboard mode. There is a pro version of the app that adds multimedia control, “air” mouse control, presentation customization, and more. It’s not worth it if you want a fast mouse. If you like this setup, consider upgrading. Having trouble finding product support? Some computers only allow Bluetooth audio to connect or do not allow applications to access the real thing.

Try Unified Remote, which has a similar setup process, and see if it works better for your device. Does this trick work on iPhone? Yes, but compatibility is not guaranteed. We recommend starting with a remote mouse app designed for PC and Mac.

The pairing instructions are the same as above, so they are not easy to follow. Use your Android smart mouse Now you have an app that can turn your Android phone into a mouse whenever you want. If you have problems after the first time, unpair and re-pair the Bluetooth connection or let your computer forget the connection and start over. This minor reboot usually fixes the problem.

If you don’t like using your phone as a mouse, read our article on the best mice for Chromebooks and how to choose them. You will find a variety of wired and wireless mice that will definitely suit your needs. You’ll also find some mice that make excellent travelers.

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