Canada’s first ambassador to Armenia arrives in Yerevan as Ottawa promotes peace in the Caucasus

"Canada's inaugural ambassador to Armenia touches down in Yerevan as Ottawa advocates for peace in the Caucasus"

Canada’s first ambassador to Armenia arrives in Yerevan as Ottawa promotes peace in the Caucasus

Canada’s first ambassador to Armenia, who dealt with the wave of refugees caused by Azerbaijan’s military bombardment of the region, came to Yerevan to give him a welcome certificate. Andrew Turner told Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan in the official video: ” I am very happy to be a leader in Canada. Strong cooperation. ” The Armenian government announced this last Wednesday afternoon. More than 100,000 Armenian refugees fled to Armenia in September after Azerbaijan launched a so-called “terrorist campaign” in Nagorno-Karabakh. The long-disputed region is recognized as part of Azerbaijan under international law but has historically had an Armenian majority. Turner’s appointment was announced last month and his arrival in Yerevan follows a joint statement signed by Canada, the United States and more than 30 countries, which France presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva last week. asked Azerbaijan to ” ensure the rights and security of the Armenians remaining in Nagorno-Karabakh, and to immediately create conditions for those who want to return to their homes to live voluntarily, safely, honorably and effectively. ” description currently calling for a meeting. Between Armenia and Azerbaijan for peace in the Caucasus. But the chances of refugees fleeing Nagorno-Karabakh returning home are slim, a senior Canadian official told CBC News. ” After all these wars, people’s confidence is very low, people are worried about their life’s safety and future, it is not easy to convince them that they can return safely. This will require not only a lot of say from Azerbaijan, but also a complete plan . ” said the source. The sources requested anonymity as they were not authorized to comment. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Armenia and Azerbaijan have fought wars between the two countries. Azerbaijan following a September bombing campaign that caused most Armenians living in the region to seek refuge in neighboring Armenia gained the upper hand . This operation was followed by a ban on food and medical supplies to Nagorno-Karabakh, which lasted for more than nine months.

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The Armenian government and some international observers accused Azerbaijan of ethnic cleansing. Local journalists reported that civilians provided them with information about family members killed in conflicts in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan says it is “fighting terrorism” and that all Armenians who want to live under its rule can return while respecting their rights. Azerbaijani President Aliham Aliyev went to Stepanakert, the former capital of Nagorno-Karabakh, this weekend. A press release issued by his government showed him carrying the flag of the fragmented land. Wearing a military uniform, Aliyev spoke in front of a building in Nagorno-Karabakh that was once the residence of the Armenian National Government. ” They drink tea in the prison now, ” he said, referring to some of the old buildings that currently house detainees. While saying that Nagorno-Karabakh would return to Azerbaijani control, he accused the former regional government of not taking him seriously. said, ” Everyone, including Armenia, knows that I did what I said. They should not forget that. ” A Canadian diplomatic source said everyone needs to show good faith in future negotiations. “It would be great if these people could return home safely, be able to take their belongings with them, and have some kind of political system that would allow them to run their schools and things like that,” the source said .

At the end of the conflict last month, the armed forces in the Armenian region delivered weapons to Azerbaijan and the de facto Armenian government in the region, which is not recognized by any country, and claimed that the government would be overthrown by the end of 2015. year. Local officials said at least 200 people were killed in the campaign. Call for sanctions Although Canadian government sources express their hopes that Azerbaijan will settle into negotiations, some are negative. Toronto immigration lawyer Aidan Simardone of the Munk School said that the law [repatriation of Armenians to Nagorno-Karabakh] requires changes not only in the law but also in the government. Events that have followed stress in the region for many years. ” President Aliyev did not respect Armenians . ” Simardone also called on Europe to stop importing carbon monoxide from Azerbaijan and for the United States to stop arms sales to the country. “I think we need to do more than punish, but we also need to explain why this is being done,” he said. ” If Azerbaijan wants to be on the side of the West, it must ensure that it remains the respect of Armenians. ” Simardone also pointed out the Azerbaijani government’s recent statement that there is a narrow strip of land and warned that the conflicts are not over yet. land on the southern border of Armenia that will connect Azerbaijan from Nagorno-Karabakh to the Azerbaijani enclave called Nakhchivan in western Armenia. “I think this will be taken even further, ” said Erdogan, adding that if Azerbaijan captures the region,” the West will flee. ” World Action Canada, in its statement, called on the government, stating that ” Armenia’s territorial integrity must be respected and Canada supports the ongoing dialogue to resolve the conflict non-violently, based on the principles of territorial integrity and self-determination. ” Impose sanctions on Azerbaijan.

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